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Summer Events

Summer Events

It always seems like as the temperatures rise, even though the days are longer, they tend to pass by so quickly!¬†This Summer has been a busy one full of many great events. Along with some special weddings, we’ve had birthday parties, anniversary parties, going away parties, family reunions, and more! Here’s a glimpse into those celebrations:


50th Wedding Anniversary Party-6.3.17

Nicole & Matthew- 6.9.17:

Thanks to Nicole, for this event we debuted our first s’mores bar! It was an awesome idea and we plan to add this as an option to our menus!

Laura & Patrick- 6.10.17

How about that cake?! LOVE the alternating “naked” tiers of chocolate and pound cake!!

Erica & Anthony- 6.11.17:

Lindsey & Charles-6.17.17:

Lindsey knew just what she was doing when she said she wanted to add curtains to the porch! Such a nice touch!

Jessica & Lewis-6.24.17:

Y’all- please note the tiny rocking chairs on top of the cake!! So precious!

Rebecca & Josh-6.30.17:

All the beautiful sunflowers!!!

70th Birthday Party- 7.22.17

Another set of tiny chairs on top of a cake!! It’s hard to see, but the banner above the cake table says ” YOU MADE IT”- hilarious!

Governor’s School Going Away Party- 8.4.17

How about that doughnut bar?! Super cool!

Allison & Rameel- 8.5.17

Morgan & Nick-8.10.17:

Xiomara & Gonzales-8.12.17:

Shannan & Joe-8.19.17:

50th Wedding Anniversary-8.25.17:

I don’t know what I loved more- using napkins from their wedding reception, the display of the shoes to groom wore on their wedding day, or THE CUPCAKES!!

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